Thursday, June 4, 2015

F.O.: Bough

I'm not sure what happened, because I thought I had quite a few hand knit hats, but maybe with the move they got displaced because I couldn't seem to find any of them this past winter. My husband bought me some yarn for Christmas (upon my request) so that I could knit myself a new hat. I loved Bough when I first saw it, pom pom and all, and thought it would be perfect for the incredibly cold winters we have been experiencing.
The pattern is Bough by Leila Raabe and the yarn is Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed in the color Snowbound. I specifically requested this color to match the collar on my ski jacket and they look great together.
I love the cable and evergreen bough pattern - so wintery! And the wool is nice and warm. The hat also comes with a cowl pattern that I might knit up someday so that I will have a matching set. Love this!

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Anna Prasad said...

It's gorgeous and looks great on you! Love the pompom!