Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Like Magic

When I first started knitting, I got a few how-to books and looked over the basics, and when I came across the suggestion that my knits should be blocked I had no idea what on earth they were talking about. So I looked into it a little bit further and when I found out I had to immerse my newly hand knit object into water, I was like "What???? You mean I have to put this into water? This thing that I just spent hours and hours knitting by hand." I called my grandmother, who is a veteran knitter, and asked her. Her reply was "Yes. Definitely." So I did it. And it worked. Of course. I was amazed at how lovely my stitches looked after blocking and I have been a firm believer and blocker ever since.

Remember that lumpy, bumpy aran sweater I've been working on? Well, I finally finished the back and this is what it looked like:

And then I blocked it and now it looks like this:

I am still amazed everytime. Its like magic. Now, I'm excited to finish this!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obsessed Much?

Last week we flew out to Chicago and I needed a small project for the flight and the trip. I decided on the Green Autumn/Druid Mittens from the Fall issue of Vogue Knitting.

I cannot put these down. This pattern is so detailed - it is definitely not mindless, knit-in-front-of-the-TV knitting. I have less than an inch to knit on the back of the aran sweater and I cannot seem to tear myself away from these mittens long enough to finish it. I was hoping to have that sweater finished by Thanksgiving but it looks like there has been a change in plans.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Last year, I totally dropped the ball when it came to my husband's birthday. He was so disappointed that I didn't knit anything for him, which took me by complete surprise because he never expressed any interest in me knitting anything for him before that. He wanted a scarf so this year that is what he got.

Pattern: A Scarf Askew by emilyelizabethknits
Yarn: Laines Du Nord, Korall in Charcoal Gray
Needles: size US 10 1/2

It is a challenge to knit for my husband, first of all, because he is very picky, and secondly, we live in the same house and if I want it to be a surprise that cuts out a lot of knitting time when he is home. I did manage to get it finished by his birthday, unblocked of course because there was just nowhere for me to block a 6 ft. long scarf in our apartment without him seeing it.

I love the yarn - I picked it up in a yarn store in Florence when we were in Italy last year. It is 100% merino wool and it is so soft, which is key for a scarf.

I am so happy he loved it! I blocked it and pinned it down only to find him pulling the pins out of it himself when it dried so that he could wear it. And he comes home from work every day and tells me how much he loves his scarf. Yay!