Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FO: Aran Scarf

I present to you the one and only gift that I knit this past Christmas. It was knit for my husband upon his request for a scarf.

Pattern: Cashmere Aran Scarf from Simple 1-2-3 Knitting
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Soot
Needles: size US 7

I. Love. This. Scarf. I would steal it from my husband except for the fact that he is always wearing it. I first saw this blogged on Brooklyn Tweed and I fell in love with it so when my husband asked for a scarf for Christmas this had to be it. I am extremely proud of myself for managing to keep it a total secret until it was opened on Christmas morning - something that is very hard to do when you are knitting something for the person you live with. I only worked on it when he wasn't home and when I blocked it I slid it all the way under the middle of our bed - after clearing out all of the dust bunnies, of course. It was a total surprise.

I really enjoyed knitting with Shelter. It was unlike any yarn that I have knit with before. It was very sheepy - maybe like a handspun. It even smelled like a sheep. And I really like the flecks in it. It blocked out beautifully and it keeps its shape really well after wear. I definitely want to knit with it again. One thing that did bother me a little bit was that because it is a minimally processed wool, I had to keep pulling little bits of straw, hay, etc. out of it while I was knitting.

I am really happy that my husband loves this scarf. He wears it every day. It turned out perfectly.

Monday, January 3, 2011

FO: Marled Hat, Scarf, and Mitten Set

Ever since last year I have been wanting to knit a hat, scarf and mitten set for my son. As a knitter, I find that there are patterns for each separately but never as a collection and I wanted his things to match. So I decided to keep it simple and take basic patterns and knit them all in the same yarns. Back in October I took him to the yarn store so that he could pick out some yarn with me and we both decided on a very cool marled yarn with a bright orange as a contrast color. (Yes - he's pretty good about that as a 4 year old for about 2 minutes and then he likes to get into things like buttons and baskets of yarn balls and I am running around the yarn store after him and telling him not to touch anything while still trying to look at yarn for myself.)

Pattern: Watch Cap by Melinda Goodfellow of Yankee Knitter Designs

Pattern: 2 x 2 Rib Scarf by Me (no pattern needed)

Pattern: Mittens by Melinda Goodfellow of Yankee Knitter Designs - I customized this pattern by adding the stripes!
Notice how there is only one mitten - I did knit two of them. A couple of days after I finished these , my son lost both of them on the street outside of our apartment. I was pretty upset about this as you can imagine. A few days later I happened to find one of them on the sidewalk and I searched up and down the block for the other one without any luck. I still need to knit him another mitten - good thing I have extra yarn! I have been looking for those little clips that will attach the mittens to his coat but I cannot find them anywhere!

The yarn used for this set is Cascade 220 Wool in the colors Charcoal Twist and Tangerine Heather and all were knit on size US 7 needles. I love how these turned out. This is a nice, basic set that I think he can get at least a few years of wear before he grows out of them.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Happy!

First off, Happy New Year to all and here's to looking to the bright horizon of 2011. I have been unplugged for the month of December (by choice), only popping into blogs here and there, but I have some serious catching up to do. Ever since having my son 4 years ago I try to make Christmastime special for him. I feel that there is so much to do at this time of year so I put aside any unnecessary distractions and focus on spending time with my family and include my son in any traditional holiday activities. I really think it is important for him to grow up appreciating the meaning and traditions behind the holiday and not just thinking about the material aspects of getting presents. We did have a good Christmas here and I am so excited to share a couple of presents that my husband gave to me.

I have been knitting for 5 years now and I have never invested in a swift and ball winder, preferring to spend any extra money on yarn, and complaining any time I had to roll up a ball of yarn by hand. I think my husband had heard me complain one too many times and got me these for Christmas:

And these make pretty little yarn cakes like this in 2 minutes flat:

Very happy indeed!