Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Because I Have to Knit Something...

I just finished up a few projects and I have a few more I want to start next. The only problem is I didn't have the yarn for these projects and I didn't think to order any until I was sitting here empty handed. Sometimes I try to take a little break and maybe clean the house or organize a closet that got out of control but I can't go for too long without knitting anything. I know. It's just so hard. So while I am waiting for my new yarn to arrive, I cast on for the Sakura shawl because I have had the pattern and the yarn ready to go for some time now.

I just finished chart A (there are 4 charts) and the easiest part of the shawl - because it starts with 7 stitches and grows on either side of a center stitch ending with 367 stitches. So far so good.

I looked up the name "Sakura" and it means cherry blossom in Japanese. I think it is looking more like peacock feathers. Either way, the pattern is very pretty.