Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Birthday Sweater

My oldest son's 6th Birthday is less than two weeks away. Yikes! I am working on this Cowichan-style sweater for him. I still have a ways to go on it so I need to hurry up! I am loving it so far though. I can't wait to see it on him when it is all pulled together (and the one million ends are woven in - ugh!).

Monday, September 24, 2012

F.O.: Rosebud

This hat is the post-Christmas present that I knit for my mother. She requested a navy blue hat and I just loved this pattern.
Pattern: Rosebud by Jared Flood Yarn: Tahki Yarns Tara Tweed in color 005 Needles: size US 6 and US 8
I love the simple garter stitch with the big oversized cable and the slight slouch of the hat. The yarn is incredibly soft for a tweed and really suited the pattern. I was completely tempted to keep this hat for myself but seeing that this Christmas gift was already late, I thought better of it. It looks like I will just have to knit one for myself.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School and Some Sample Knitting

Today was Oliver's first day of the first grade and he was on the bus at 7:05 this morning.
He looked so cute in his uniform with his little tie on and his new backpack, I got a little teary eyed watching him get on the bus. But now the twins are down for a nap and it is so quiet around here, I can actually hear myself think. It is awesome!
The new BT Fall 12 Lookbook hit yesterday and it is amazing! I want to knit almost everything in it. Damn you Brooklyn Tweed - my knitting queue is already miles long!! The Driftwood Pullover, Burr Jacket, and Breton Shirt are at the top of my list and I would love to knit up the Guilder Scarf for my husband. I was lucky enough to knit up a sample for this beautiful collection. This summer I worked on the Turnagain cowl. I was super excited when all of this yarn arrived in my mailbox:
It is a reversible cowl worked up in stockinette stripes. On one side are thin stripes and then very thick stripes on the reverse side. It is worked in one piece then folded over and the stitches are grafted together.
It was pretty easy knit but it is a sizable cowl so it did take me a while to get this done. When I came to the part of the pattern where it said to graft together 242 stitches I was paralyzed with fear. I was a terrible grafter - I usually had to rip out my grafting stitches like 20 times before I could get it right and then it still didn't look right. But don't they say to get over your fears to face them head on? Well, there's nothing like grafting together 242 stitches to get over that. Now I can graft anything together!
It is a wonderful design and it comes in 4 different color ways for your liking.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Catch Up

It is still officially summer, right? These days I just can't tell. My blogging seems to have taken a backseat to the kiddos and our various summer activities - but I am still knitting away here and there. My oldest son returns to school on Thursday (is it bad if I am excited about this?) and I am hoping to have a tiny bit more downtime to get this blog going again. I love my boys but there are 3 of them and only 1 of me - you do the math. Most of the time I feel like a hot mess and I constantly have to tell myself to keep it together. Anyway, let's catch up with the knitting - that is way more fun to talk about. I have quite a few projects that need their own blog post which I am hoping to eventually get to. I finished a few as far back as the spring - including Aidez but it has been waaaay too hot for me to model that for pictures. It turned out beautifully so I can't wait to wear it as soon as the weather turns chilly. The owl sweaters I was knitting for the twins birthday are done and they are awaiting the button eyes. I turned out another sample for Brooklyn Tweed - Yay Me! (I am congratulating myself because it is really hard for me to get any deadline knitting done these days but I did it!!! I know I am completely crazy for taking these projects on but I cannot help myself. When Brooklyn Tweed comes calling I just can't say no.) I have a sweater on the needles for my oldest son's Birthday, I am halfway done with a pair of socks, and started little stuffed toys for the twins. I know this seems like a lot but these are projects that have been ignored on this blog for months. Trust me, sometimes days go by and I can't squeeze in enough time to knit a stitch. It took me 2 days to write this blog post. Seriously.
So these are the maniacs that are keeping me on my toes these days. Knitting content will be coming up soon.