Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Inching Along

First things first: Since I abandoned the idea of finishing a sweater for my neice for her birthday and moved the due date to Christmas, I revisited the cable sweater vest I had begun knitting for my son. It is slow going where knitting is concerned in the summer time. Oliver and I are quite busy every day taking walks, going here and there, visiting family, and he is so active it is impossible to knit in his presence. But I am persevering.

Next: The family is moving to Rome (yes, in Italy) for four months in the middle of August. My husband, Andrew, Is a Professor of Architecture and he is teaching the Fall semester there. How fun and exciting! I will be taking some knitting with me (of course!) and the sweaters for my neices are on the top of the list. I needed to make sure that the turquoise yarn I picked up will work so I knit up a gauge swatch - and it is perfect! Love it! Love the color too.

I won't be bringing too much with me though. Hmmmm..... Italy - isn't that where merino wool comes from?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Change of Plans

I started knitting the cable sweater for my neice and got this far:

and I absolutely hate this yarn. It isn't very nice to knit with and the look of the sweater really isn't what I want. I stopped knitting this and went on the hunt for another yarn and found this:

A very pretty turquoise cotton. I haven't tested it for gauge yet but I am hoping it works out. Needless to say, this sweater will not be done in time for my neice's birthday. I'm thinking I will buy some yarn in a different color and knit this sweater for both of my neices for Christmas. I hate tight deadlines anyway :-).

Happy Father's Day!
Yesterday was my husband's first Father's Day! We all went to pick strawberries and had a great time - especially Oliver - he ate more than he picked (which is to be expected at his young age).