Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby Sweaters

Last Year in January my little niece Morgan was born. I wasn't doing much blogging last year so I am finally posting about the little baby sweaters that I knit for her when she was born. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law decided not to find out the gender of their baby before she was born so I needed to find some gender neutral knits in gender neutral colors. I decided on these two:

Pattern: Antler by tincanknits

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Off White

Needles: Size US 6 and 8

This was such a fun and easy sweater to knit for a newborn baby. And it could definitely pass for either a boy or a girl. It comes in size ranges up to adult so I definitely have plans to knit it for my boys as well.

Pattern: Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker

Yarn: Cascade 220 Sport in Ginseng

Needles: Size US 6

I knit this little sweater for my twins when they were born and just loved it so much - I had to knit it again. I chose a pretty neutral colored yarn and then when I found out that the baby was a girl I added little pink buttons to make it more girly. The yarn was absolutely lovely. I had never used the Cascade 220 Sport before and it was very soft and it comes in amazing colors that the worsted weight doesn't come in. I hope my sister-in-law enjoyed dressing Morgan in these tiny sweaters.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Girly Grrr

My Niece, Morgan, recently turned 1 year old! Yay Morgan! For her first birthday I thought it would be fun if I knit her the little lion washcloth called Grrr.

Pattern: Grrr by Alice Bell

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Almond

Needle: Size US 5

I thought this would be a great little knitterly gift with some baby wash. I made it girly for her and embroidered a pink bow on it, although my embroidery skills leave A LOT to be desired. I tried my best. I knit one of these for my oldest son when he was just 2 and he loved it so I thought Morgan would love it too! Happy Birthday Morgan!
I did knit some cute little sweaters for Morgan when she was born last year that I still need to post about - coming soon!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring Ahead??

It is March and it seems like this winter is NEVER going to end. It was 10 degrees when I woke up this morning and it has been this way consistently all winter long. I can't help but to hope that there are warmer days coming. I recently finished another sample for Brooklyn Tweed which took me just under 2 months to complete and I was faced with the choice of what to knit next - keep on with winter knitting because it is still so brutally cold, or start in on some knits for warmer weather. I have had this little silk shrug languishing on my needles for a looong time now and I thought it was time that I finished it up. I mean, it has to warm up sometime, right?
I am hoping to have this finished so that I can wear it on Easter. I don't think it will be a problem - it is going quick and I already have the back done and much of the left front. Let's hope it is still not below freezing temps!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ski Socks

Maybe its just my imagination but this winter seems way colder and snowier than usual. Its a very good thing that I knit myself up some warm wooly socks. Back in November, I signed my oldest son up for ski school which is six weeks in January and February so I knew I was going to be hitting the slopes quite a few times this winter. I knew I needed a nice thick pair of socks to wear with my boots to keep my toes warm.

Pattern: Classic Socks for the Family by Melinda Goodfellow

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Charcoal Twist and Red

Needles: size US 5

These are perfect cold weather socks. I knit them in worsted weight wool and used a smaller needle to so that they are nice and dense. They definitely keep my feet nice and warm. I used a short row heel here in the contrasting colored yarn and decided to graft the toe with the red as well.
I have been skiing solo while my son is in his lesson and it is just what I need - peace and quiet and calm - after an entire week with 3 crazy kids. After I pick my son up from his lesson we hit the slopes together for a few hours it it has been so much fun spending time with him doing an activity. Now I just need to get the twins on skis so that the whole family can ski together. Maybe next year? Haha we'll see!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sample Knit: Montauk

Coincidentally with the re-start of my blog, Brooklyn Tweed has come out with their exceptional Winter 2014 collection in which I have knit a sample. I was lucky enough to work with the popular knitwear designer, Veronik Avery this time around and knit up the beautiful design Montauk. I was a bit daunted knitting this sample this time around for a few reasons. This was the first time I knit a full-blown sweater for Brooklyn Tweed and it was a big undertaking for me considering what little time I have. Also, when I knit these samples, keep in mind that it is the first time that this pattern is being worked up so there are no pictures of what it looks like and in some cases I get a pattern in installments and even though I had a sketch from the designer, I was having a little trouble envisioning what she wanted - especially with the collar. It was also quite a time consuming knit considering the all-over wrapped stitch pattern but I had fun with it. All turned out well in the end.
As always with these samples I only have a quick snap from my iPhone before I run it out the door to the post office. But I have linked to the Brooklyn Tweed page above where the photos are professional. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year, Fresh Start

I thought the start of the new year would be a good time to get back on my blog. I have missed it a lot. I'm sure you can all guess why I haven't been blogging - three kids is a lot - especially twins. But I didn't want to be one of those bloggers that just disappeared leaving people wondering "What happened to her? Maybe her kids ate her!" Well, my kids haven't eaten me - yet. I am still here and I am still knitting. My life just got really crazy. The twins are now two and having two that are two is lots of fun (sarcasm). My oldest is seven! Whaaaaat? When did that happen? He is playing soccer and basketball, taking piano lessons, and about to start ski lessons so he really keeps me on the go with all of his activities. So I am squeezing in my knitting here and there when I have a few precious quiet moments alone and I am also going to try to squeeze in blogging too. I have a lot to catch you up on being gone so long and I am almost done with my first project of 2014. Oh ya - we also just got a puppy too! A little dachshund. His name is Charlie. He's my knitting companion.

Friday, February 8, 2013

F. O.: Tiki Socks

So I am finally getting organized here. I logged myself on to Ravelry today, collected all the information about my finished projects and WIPs, and entered it on to my projects page. It turns out that there was a lot more stuff that I finished and that I am working on than I thought - like eight things. That is a lot for me because I tend to focus on one or two things at a time. So here I am, getting my butt in gear while the twins are napping, and I am blogging.

After knitting the beret for my niece for her birthday, her sister, my other niece, wanted me to knit something for her too. She wanted some socks. She is 11 years old and very girly so I thought "What could be cuter than some stripey socks in a very girly color?"

Pattern: Classic Socks by Melinda Goodfellow

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in the color Tiki

Needles: size US 2

I knit these for her for Christmas and she loved them! I have always wanted to try the self striping yarn and it was really fun to knit with. The socks knit up really fast because I really couldn't wait for the color to change so I could see what it looked like. I used a basic sock pattern because of the stripes - I didn't want to get too fancy and lose the stripes to a pattern. The yarn is really wonderful and the stripes turned out exactly the same on both socks. I made sure to start knitting on the same color for both socks to get them to be identical.
These were so much fun to knit that I might just try some more colors!