Monday, November 7, 2011

F.O.: Alfie

I usually knit my son something for his birthday every year. This year, I figured with two babies on the way I would just focus on knitting baby things. I think my son felt a little left out on the knitted goodies. My husband told me that my son asked him if I was secretly knitting something for his birthday when he wasn't home - I wasn't. I quickly changed my course. I couldn't let him down or leave him out especially when he was looking forward to getting something special from me. I had been wanting to knit him a shawl collared sweater and found a great pattern for his size.

Pattern: Alfie from the Sublime booklet 613 Children's DK
Yarn: St-Denis Nordique in Navy
Needles: sizes US 3 and US 6

This sweater was a quick, easy knit - except for the garter stitch section in the middle. It was a bit tricky sewing that in and needed to keep re-sewing it until I got it right. For some reason it wouldn't match up and the pieces were off by an inch until I fiddled around with it and finally got everything to come together. It fits my son very nicely. The yarn is a very nice wool and is very warm.

My son turned 5 in the beginning of October (I can't believe it!!!) and he loved it that I knit something for him. I am so glad he is so appreciative of my knitting. Most of the time he is a rough, tough boy, who likes to smash his toys and cars and jump around and make lots of noise but he does have that sensitive side. His next request is that I knit him a sweater with a zipper on it. I told him that I think I could manage it.