Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ciao, From Roma

We made it to Rome! The yarn stash made it to Rome! I have been a happy knitter. Rome is great. We have been spending a lot of our time sightseeing so far. And doing a little shopping. I haven't seen any yarn stores so far (it might be a good thing I brought all of those projects and yarn with me) but a lot of the shops are closed for the last half of the month of August for holiday, so we will have to see in September. I finished the back of Oliver's sweater vest and held it up to him - it looks like it is going to fit him a lot sooner than I thought. I need to finish this soon.

I just cast on for the teddy bear I am knitting for Oliver's first birthday. It is a very quick knit. I have finished the front of the body and now I am on to the back.

I did happen to pick up the Fall issue of Vogue Knitting before I left the States. There are some cute sweaters here and there. I didn't really care for the Top 10 Hits - all the sweaters seemed outdated. The articles seem pretty good. Haven't had time to get through the whole thing yet.