Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Special W.I.P.'s

Hello there! I know that I have been absent from this blog for a long time - but I do have a good reason!

Andrew and I are very excited to announce that we are expecting again! Oh - and here's the kicker - it is TWINS! I am still trying to get used that idea. It was a total shocker when we found out and I think I passed out for a few seconds at the doctors office. I am about 17 weeks along now and they are due in early November. Needless to say, I haven't gotten much knitting done lately - I have been extremely nauseous for the entire first trimester. In the very few moments when I was feeling halfway decent, I tried to pick up my needles but the motion of knitting made me sick all over again. I have been starting to feel much better lately - which is good because now I have double the knitting to do!!! I am so very excited about my two special W.I.P.'s!!


Julie said...

oh wow, congratulations!! Twins, that's so exciting. What a joy!

amore mamma said...

Best Headline eva!
Love the Hipsta pic too.
"Hello" to (all) the boys!

Sue said...

Congratulations to you on having twins. My SIL had twin boys last October and they are just so gorgeous, but she dresses them differently as she says they are 2 separate individuals which I quite like the idea of. I hope the nausea passes soon so you can relax and knit away.

Veronica said...