Friday, June 17, 2011

F.O.: Sail Away Blanket

Back in March, I was lamenting on one of my blog posts how the baby blanket I knit for my son when he was born didn't turn out so great. Let's face it, it was pretty bad. I never used it once and never put any pictures of it on Ravelry. I had just started knitting at that point and knew nothing about yarn, gauge, etc. It was a plain garter stitch blanket made out of a very cheap acrylic yarn and knit with needles 2 sizes too small - it could pretty much stand up straight by itself. My son still uses his blankets from when he was a baby so I thought I would knit him a better blanket - toddler size now. We both sat down and looked at the blankets on Ravelry and chose a blanket together. He was pretty happy.

Pattern: Come Sail Away Baby Blanket by Suzanne Veta
Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Planetarium
Needles: size US 7
Mods: I knit an extra repeat of the sailboat pattern lengthwise to make it toddler size.

I have a love/hate relationship with this blanket. First, I love it because it is for my son, who really loves it. It also goes well with his nautical room, which is a big reason why we chose this pattern. When I first started knitting this, I didn't know I was pregnant yet - and I was feeling just fine. I was getting a lot done and then the morning sickness and nausea set in really badly. I would try to pick this up and knit on it here and there but it would just make me sicker. Pretty soon just the mere sight of it would have me running to the bathroom - so I put it away and put down my knitting. Lately, I have been feeling much better so I picked it up again and just tried to finish it as quickly as possible because I feel like it had been lingering for quite a while.

In the end, I like how this turned out. The yarn is so soft and is perfect for my son to snuggle under. I am really glad I got the chance to knit this for him because he really does use his blankets a lot and I wanted him to have one hand knit by me.


Julie said...

so, so beautiful!! what a great blanket, and I like that you kept it all int eh same yarn. really lovely.

Sue said...

The blanket looks wonderful. I do hope your morning sickness is allowing you to knit a bit more.

Rainy Daisy said...

Cute! What a great mom you are :)