Friday, October 26, 2007

Yummy Italian Yarn

My husband's birthday was last week and he told me he was disappointed that I didn't knit anything for him. I was sort of surprised about this because he has never really expressed interest in me knitting something for him - not that he doesn't express interest in my knitting - I just didn't think he wanted something "home made". He is worse than me when it comes to designer shopping. Trust. Sooo, we were in Florence this past weekend and I found another great yarn store - Beatrice Galli Yarn Shop - and I picked up some yummy yarn to knit him a scarf. Its 100% Italian Merino Wool and it just so happens to match his new coat.

I saw this scarf in Furla and I am using it as inspiration.

I know that it is chunkier than the yarn I have but I like the simplicity of the two ribs on either side.

I was also thinking, since my husband is an architect, that this hat would be an appropriate knit to go along with his scarf. I also like it for myself, so I went to my LRYS (Local Roman Yarn Store), Lana Della Vecchia, near the Campo de Fiori and picked up some yarn for the both of us - the charcoal for my husband to match his scarf and the chocolate for myself.

My dad is coming over to visit next week and I already have him picking up a copy of the Interweave Knits Holiday Gift Issue so that I can have the pattern for this hat.

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