Saturday, October 13, 2007

Birthday FO's

I have been away for a long time - but I have still been knitting! Rome (and traveling Italy) has been keeping me very busy but I have definitely found the time to break out the needles and yarn and knit away - especially since there are no English speaking television shows to distract me at night.
My little babe's first birthday was great and I finished the teddy bear and the sweater vest with time to spare! He loved the teddy bear! It was the first present he opened and he gave me a big hug! I was so happy and I hope he keeps it for years to come.

We had a big party for Oliver's Birthday and he wore his new vest. He looked so cute - and he had a great time! I have no close-ups yet of the finished product but here is a picture of the litte man sporting it:

I have yet to take pictures of the details and better photos of Oliver wearing it - but they will come!

In Italian yarn news: I found the cutest yarn store when we were in Venice. It is called Lellabella and it carried beautiful yarns. I just had to pick up some even though I have no projects for these yet - but I'm sure I can find some. The first is a merino wool cashmere blend. It is a gorgeous cream color with flecks of tan running through it:

And the second is pure Italian cashmere. It is so soft I just had to have it despite the pricetag, which is why I didn't puchase too many balls. I'm thinking I can knit some beautiful gloves with this.

I have also started on one of the sweaters for my nieces for Christmas. I am hoping that I will be able to get two of these done before December 25th. I know it seems like it is a long way off and I have plenty of time but with everything going on here coming up in the next couple of months, my time is limited. I will have pictures of my progress on this sweater next time as well.
If anyone (I hope I still have readers here) wants to check out my other blog about our stay in Rome and our travels in Italy you can go to:

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