Friday, March 10, 2017

Sample Knit: Atlas

Yesss! Brooklyn Tweed just released their new collection, BT Yokes, and it is full of hand knit goodness. I just so happened to knit a sample for this collection, Atlas for women, designed by Jared Flood.

This was a fun sample to knit and I love how a fair isle yoked sweater comes together. The body is knit in the round to the underarms and then set aside while the arms are knit and then they are all knit together to form the yoke, which is where the fair isle knitting starts. The stranded knitting on this yoke is visually stunning but it can get complicated - some of the rounds require the use of three colors - but the end result is worth the work.

I love the color combination that Jared chose for this sample, Hayloft, Old World, and Fossil, but it would be really fun to play with other colors to knit your own unique Atlas. This sweater was knit in Brooklyn Tweed's yarn Shelter, which has an array of beautiful colors.

All photos in this post are used courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed.

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Anna Prasad said...

What a beautiful jumper. How were you able to let go of it? How do you get to be a test knitter? It's something I have considered doing.