Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sample Knitting

The latest collection from Brooklyn Tweed is here - Spring Thaw - and I am excited to share the sample that I knit for this wonderful collection. I was lucky enough to work up the Barrington Vest this past winter.

This vest is knit up in BT's newest yarn, the lovely Loft, in Artifact and Woodsmoke. This was quite the challenge for me. I learned a lot of new techniques, the biggest of which is steeking. It was my first time to ever do steeks and I was scared to death I was going to mess up. I have never intentionally cut my knitting before and I was quite nervous but it worked out really well. Another great technique used for this vest is the very cool provisional cast on which makes the ribbing look completely professional. And, of course, the entire body is stranded color work.

I have no idea how I managed to get this done in the midst of the Christmas season with newborn twins but somehow I sent it out in the nick of time. I quickly snapped these photos right before I ran out the door to send it off so they are not my best but Brooklyn Tweed has much better shots, of course.

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AnnaPrasad said...

Wow it's gorgeous Michele. What a shame you couldn't keep it.