Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Vacation

We've been away for a little while - ok, a long while - almost three weeks. Oliver and I headed off to Dallas, TX in the middle of June to visit the grandparents and Andy joined us when he got a break from work. We were also joined by my sister and her two girls. It was fun, exhausting, and very, very hot.

My dad took us to the Fort Worth Zoo. The kids had such a great time and I had fun watching Oliver get excited about all of the animals. What was his favorite thing to see at the zoo? All of the rocks! - of course - he is such a guy!

One evening, my Mother-In-Law took us to the Nasher Sculpture Gallery in downtown Dallas.

We also paid a visit to the Dallas World Aquarium with my In-Laws.

And then we took Oliver to his very first Major League Baseball game to see the Texas Rangers play. (So sad his first game wasn't to see the Red Sox, but that's the way it goes.) He had a fun time and his favorite part of the game was the fireworks when the Rangers hit a home run.

Then it was on to Connecticut for a week to stay with my sister until the 4th of July where we celebrated with a picnic at the beach.

After all of this time away from home, it felt really good to get back and sleep in my own bed again! I did manage to get some knitting done while I was away and I even finished a project! I will have to save the knitting for another post...........

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Adrienne said...

It was so good to see you while you all were in town! Oliver has gotten so big and I enjoyed meeting your sister and her cute girls! Sorry we didn't get to spend more time hanging out but next time let me know the plans instead of Will... :) Hope you had a good trip home and hope to see you again sooner than later!