Saturday, April 19, 2008


I saw this on Anny Purls' blog (she always has the best ideas! :-) ) and thought it was just too cute to pass up. So I knit one up for Oliver. A lion washcloth for the tubby. What a great idea!

The pattern is Grrr by Alice Bell and can be found on the Summer '07 Knitty. The yarn I used was Lion Brand Cotton Ease on size US 7 needles. I thought the pattern dimensions were a bit too small so I increased it by 8 stitches and 8 rows. I wanted it a little bigger just in case I wanted to test it out myself - ya know, like how I test out his Legos when he is taking a nap. I can build an awesome airplane and a pretty mean dream house.

The real question is: How does it hold up in the water? Well, let's go to our little product tester and find out.

Looks pretty good to me. I think he really likes it! Oh yeah - the back side is pretty cool too. It is nubby for a gentle massage on baby's skin.

What's funny is the quote from the washcloth description on the Knitty site: "Perfect for kids (of any age) who need some encouragement into the tub." Uh huh - like this little monkey needs any encouragement.


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Linda Hopson said...

Michelle. I think that is the cutest thing. I have never knitted before. Is that a project a beginner could do? Our church has a Christmas Faire and I think those would sell well.

Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

Is he doing the backstroke?
Love, GrandAl!