Monday, January 28, 2008


It has been Sick City around here lately. Both Oliver and I came down with something - fever, congestion, coughing. It really has been no fun for the both of us. My Mom-In-Law was so sweet and sent us packages of goodies - I think the hot chocolate really helped! Pick-Me-Up number one!

Being sick has not deterred me from the knitting, however, but I am still stuck on the cable sweater. It is like the sweater that never ends! I think part of the problem is that I knit the same exact one before this one so it seems like I have been knitting the same thing for months - for FOREVER! Anyway, progress is being made and I am determined to finish it even though I seriously want to cast on something new.

Pick-Me-Up number 2 came in the form of a flyer in the mail. My LYS is having a winter sale and everything is on sale - needles, yarn, books, etc. I couldn't pass this up! Excitement has been restored! I love getting new things - especially yarn and the possibilities for new projects.

I am feeling better already!

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