Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Coming Right Along

The pink sweater is coming along nicely. It is just taking so long to knit - the stitches are so small.

This is the first time I had to pick up stitches which was done around the neckline. It was easier than I had anticipated but wasn't without problems. I picked up the wrong number of stitches and didn't realize this until I got around to the end of the first row of seed stitch. Ugh! I had to undo everything and go back and do it all over again with the proper number of stitches. I think it turned out alright in the end.

I had to abandon this sweater for the time being. I had my eye on a sweater for Oliver that I wanted to knit for him for Easter. Just to be sure it will be done in time I cast it on yesterday.

It should go nicely with his blue eyes.

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Alison said...

Hey Michele!

Andrew just sent me this link...everything looks so good.
That picture of Oliver is too cute.

See you soon...we are due for a visit. I have lots of pics from Spain.