Friday, March 5, 2010

RL 2010 Olympic Ski Cap

I am finished with my 2010 Olympic Ski Cap! And here it is:

Pattern: Olympic Reindeer Hat by Helena Bristow (originally Ralph Lauren)
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft 4 Ply in Navy, White, and Red
Needles: size US 2 and 3

I modified this hat from the original pattern written up by Helena Bristow because after viewing quite a few of these on Ravelry, it looked like it was turning out too large and too wide. So here are some of the changes I made: I used fingering weight yarn instead of worsted weight and used size 3 needles (size 2 for the inside of the brim). I also increased the number of stitches I cast on from 110 to 130 and I added another tree motif. I also made the trees bigger so that they were more like the original Ralph Lauren hat. I cut out a lot of the white rows above and below the moose. I also knit the moose and trees in intarsia (in the round) and stranded the rest. I found a great tutorial here on how to knit intarsia in the round and then I used this source for the top decreases. They were both very helpful. And after all that.... it fits perfectly!

I love the way this hat turned out! I think it is so cute..... and it matches my vintage Ralph Lauren duffle coat! Bonus!


sue said...

Your ski cap turned out wonderfully well.

amore mamma said...

Michele - it's so perfect!
It's good to be type A!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your posting. The ski cap looks great. My mom played with several patterns for a few days and gave up. Now, I'll offer up your notes to her.

Anonymous said...

I wish Helena Bristow could see your awesome corrections. Soooo many issues but worked them out. Have u considered emailing these corrections because so many would be helped if she corrected her instructions.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to you again. I wrote you back in June about the Olympic Ski Cap.
Seems that mom needs a graph pattern for the Deer, or are they Elk? Do you have it available?