Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Inspirational Stitches

Last week I caught that terrible 24-hour stomach bug that has been going around. While recovering in bed, I streamed Valentino: The Last Emperor on Netflix, about the fashion designer, Valentino. It was inspirational, no matter what kind of stitches you make. Just to watch those seamstresses hand stitch every little sequin and ruffle and get every detail just perfect.

It also made me think of the time we were in Rome and went to the Valentino retrospective at the Ara Pacis, which is featured in the film.

This is one of my favorite pictures from that visit. My husband took this of me and my son as I was descending the steps. I can't tell you how unglamorous I felt wearing jeans and a plain white shirt and carrying a barefoot 11 month old and being surrounded by all of those gorgeous couture gowns. Quite a contrast.


Julie said...

that is a really lovely photo of you and your son! Sorry to hear that you were sick, the stomach bug seems to be going around here, too!

amore mamma said...

None of those gorgeous couture gowns are as gorgeous as that 'baby' and his mom!