Friday, January 11, 2013

F. O.: Two Baby Owlets

Hi There! I know this blog has been quiet for some time but that means that our household has been anything but! I thought that it was high time to show you the little owl sweaters that I knit for the twins for their first birthday (way back in October).Yes - their first birthday has come and gone (we actually survived the first year phew!) but they are now 15 months old and crazier than ever.
Pattern: Baby Owlet Sweater by Kate Davies Yarn: Patons Classic Wool - one in Natural Mix and the other in Gray Mix Needles: size US 6 and US 8
These little sweaters are too adorable and Nolan and Hayden get compliments every time they wear them. They were a quick and easy knit but I must admit that sewing 60 buttons on these guys were not that fun. 60! 30 per each sweater! That is the kind of stuff you deal with when you have twins!

These photos were taken on a recent trip to Boston because, let's face it, there is no way that these monkeys are going to sit still for a photo shoot. We tried that with our Christmas card this year and came up with less than stellar results. Ha!

My husband's parents have a real soft spot for the owl sweaters. My father-in-law's mother was a big time knitter and knit a version of this sweater for my husband when he was a baby. My mother-in-law passed it on to me when Oliver was a baby and I happen to have a photo of him wearing it when he was a year old:

Gotta love those cute little owls!
I thought, for like a second, to knit up one of these for Oliver too. But then I thought better of it because he is 6 now and this might just be one of those things that gets a kid beat up on the playground (not that that happens anymore). Well, one day when he came home from school and he saw me sewing the buttons on one of the twins sweaters, he asked me who the sweater was for. When I told him it was for the twins he said "Awww I want one too." Stay tuned.... another owl sweater might just pop up on this blog.


Sue said...

The owl sweaters are adorable, just as your boys are. Yes twin boys do get busier especially around the 2 yr old mark. My SIL's boys were down for xmas and so adorable and lots of hard work, but really good to see them again. They try everything they can get into but I think that is great. I hope your boys have just as much fun as my nephews which I am sure they do. I could see your 6 yr old wearing one of those sweaters too.

Michele said...

Thanks Sue! Yes they are both very busy and they get into everything! They put those two heads together and what one doesn't think of the other one certainly will. But they are double the love and double the fun. Enjoy your nephews!

Rainy Daisy said...

Your boys are just so sweet in those sweaters! It's a good thing they have a mama who will double her knitting to wrap them up in wool love.