Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hello There!

I have been ignoring this blog. Big time. I am still knitting - I just got a little lazy about blogging about my projects. I have some catching up to do. Besides having three finished projects, I have a few more sitting on needles. So... let's get started!

FO: Aran Tee

PATTERN: Cabled Tee by Michael Kors from Vogue Knitting
YARN: Cascade 220 in white
MODS: I added an inch and a half to the length

I believe I finished this back in February. It was a fun knit and it kept my interest. Besides, this was sweater love at first sight - and I was excited to be knitting it up! It came out a little bit big width-wise, but other than that, it is perfect. I love it!

The yarn turned out to be a good choice (even though the yarn called for in the pattern was cashmere). I really like the choice of a good workhorse wool for an aran sweater.

It isn't getting much wear now but this should be perfect for the fall weather. I'm all set!

My other finished projects will be blogged about soon...........

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Team Knit ! said...

that Aran Tee looks amazing!! Great yarn choice, the stitch definition looks great.

- Julie