Wednesday, March 25, 2015


So after a looong break from this blog, I am back. Last year got a bit crazy and with everything that went down this blog had to take a back seat. After taking such a long hiatus it is a little hard to start back up because it's like, where do I begin? I will just start by telling you about my life changes that led to me ignoring this blog for so long. My husband was offered a new job so we found ourselves having to move from upstate New York to the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. This took many trips back and forth with the family, trying to get acquainted with the area and trying to find a place to live before my husband started his new job and my oldest son had to start school. We also took a trip down to Texas to visit with family for a couple of weeks before our big move. We eventually found a great house in a great neighborhood that we all love. Then came the packing - and let me tell you - this family of five has a lot of stuff. And then came the unpacking and settling in. And then came the holidays, which are a lot of fun with the kids but also a lot of work. Now that the holidays are behind us and the winter is coming to a close, things are at a lull and I wanted to get back on here because I miss sharing about my knitting. And even though I have been super busy with all of these other things I have still been knitting. Today I will share what I am working on at the moment and then I will try to catch up on everything else with later posts and try to keep on going.
This is the cabley goodness that I am knitting up right now. It is a wool sweater so I am hoping to have it finished before the warmer weather gets here.
It feels really good to be back. I will have more to share soon!

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Anna Prasad said...

Welcome back, sounds like a busy few months. I am loving those cables, can't wait to see the finished jumper.