Wednesday, February 1, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday: A Christmas Present

I didn't get much knitting done for Christmas. I was kinda busy with other things. I feel really bad because my mom wanted me to knit her a hat. Now that all the craziness of the holidays is behind me, the twins have turned a corner, come out of their newborn stage and settled down into a schedule, and I don't have a Brooklyn Tweed sample deadline looming in front of me, I have finally had a chance to start knitting a hat for my mom. It's only a little late.


Suzanne Warren said...

I love tweedy yarns Michele. It will be a fabulous hat. Glad to hear the twins have turned a corner. My twin nephews are 1 now and are really gorgeous little boys who like to explore everything!

Julie said...

it might be late, but it's still winter! I'm sure she'll love it.