Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hoodie Sweater

My son's 3rd birthday was in October and I always like to knit him a little special something for his birthdays. This year it was a hoodie sweater.

Pattern: Child Hooded Jacket by Sirdar from their booklet number 318, Lazy Days and Holidays
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft DK in the color Mist
Needles: size US 6 (size US 3 for the trim)

I made only a few modifications and they were really only in the construction of the sweater. I added full fashioned shaping at the raglan sleeves. The pattern gave instructions to make the decreases right at the edge and there was no way I was going to try to seam that up. Also the pattern gave instructions to bind off the stitches at the neckline only to pick up and knit the same amount of stitches for the hood. I was seriously like, "huh????" so I just kept the stitches on a holder and joined them all together for the hood. Ingenious, I know.

I am really happy with the way this turned out. The closures kind of disappoint me because they are so stretchy that they don't keep the sweater closed all the way and I feel like they look a bit wonky. Other than that, the fit is great and the yarn is a dream. It is so soft and drapes very nicely.

I must say, my son has finally become a good little model for me. I used to have to chase him around and pray for one good shot but now he actually poses for me. I guess he just got used to modeling the sweaters I knit for him. This time around, I would say "turn a little to the left, ok, hold it there" and it was done. "Now give me your best leaf face. Work it, work it."

See, he's a total pro.


amore mamma said...

Happy Birthday, again, Oliver!
Hope yesterday was wonderful.

Anna said...

It's such a lovely sweater. I bet your son loves it!

Anonymous said...

Michele--great looking sweater on a great looking model. My mother would be proud.

On her behalf, you are now an honorary member of Lake Forest Place's Pin & Needles Club.


Julie said...

that little jacket is incredible!! looks so amazing. Great job! And your son is adorable!!