Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Resolve To......

It has been a whirlwind month! From our last visitors in Rome, to tying things up, packing up, and flying home, then the holidays and everything that goes with them. After the first of the year, we moved into our new apartment, which I absolutely love! Then its been unpacking a sea of boxes (which still isn't done), hanging things, moving things, deciding where things are going to go, and shopping for new things. Because of all of this, the knitting has fallen by the wayside. I know - so sad. I have been sneaking it in here and there but I am looking forward to settling in and getting back into the swing.

As a fairly new knitter, I take advantage of the new year by making resolutions for what I would like to learn and accomplish in the coming year. Last year, as a real newbie, it was basic stuff like yarn overs, buttonholes, picking up stitches, and cables, all which I accomplished. Here are this year's resolutions:
1. I will knit for me. So far, I haven't knit anything for myself. I am so ready to benefit from all my hard work and care. And pick up some really cute sweaters in the process.
2. I will knit socks. Besides a pair of two needle baby socks, I haven't tackled this. At first, I had the premonition that hand knit socks were more for the crunchy granola type - which I am totally not. But I have found some really cute sock patterns that I think I can handle.
3. I will try color knitting - fairisle, intarsia, etc. Totally scared of this. But I was scared of cables too until I tried them and found out that they were completely easy.

So these are resolutions that I know I will keep!

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Anonymous said...

still waiting to see O modeling one of these! just for fun!