Thursday, December 6, 2007


I have finally finished the cable sweater. I feel like this sweater took me forever to knit. I mean, it has a lot of cables. I did take a few weeks off for travel and my dad came into town for a week where there was very little knitting going on. But I am completely proud of this sweater. It is the largest sweater I have knit so far and I really like the way it came out.

I really liked this pattern. It is Child's Nashawena by Penny Straker and I knit it in a child's size 10 for my niece Hailey. She has blonde hair and blue eyes so I think the color will be perfect for her. The yarn is Lion Brand Cotton in turquoise. (Bonus - I found it on sale for 97 cents a ball and it only took 5 balls for this sweater!) I used size 2 needles for the cuffs and collar and size 6 needles for the rest of the sweater. Love it!

Just one question: Can I put a "Made in Italy" label on this?

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Anonymous said...

We need 'human scale' for this; please put O in it, just for a picture!