Wednesday, March 28, 2007

If at First You Don't Succeed......

....... try, try again. And when that doesn't work, try a new technique. And when that doesn't work just say "screw it" and move on.
The cardigan for Oliver is a v-neck that is fully fashioned so that the row of stitches next to the selvedge stitch on the V slants upward. The left side came out great. The row of stitches is nice and neat and looks like it is supposed to look. The right side - not so great.
The instructions called for knit 2 together through back loop. I did this 3 times, each time ripping it out because it just looked bad. So I looked through my knitting books and found another technique which says to slip 1 knitwise then knit the next stitich then pass the slipped stitch over it. This looked OK - not as good as the left side of the sweater - but better than the other way. So I moved on.
I don't have any pictures because everything is wet and blocking as we speak.

It has been slow knitting around here. We were getting our taxes taken care of over the weekend. But I did manage to get some yarn shopping done while visiting my mother in CT. I picked up some yarn to knit a little something for my friend who is pregnant and I also found a little something for myself - finally! After these baby knits are done I am going to treat myself.

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